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About Marcode app

Marcode is our newest addition of companion apps for Sketch and Icons8 Lunacy. It has a strong focus on getting your high resolution design prototypes out to real code environments, in this case iOS and Android.

About Sketch2React app

Sketch2React companion app translates the markup you attach too layers inside Sketch & Lunacy 8 to responsive workable code. No coding or plugins required. Perfect for building real code prototypes or even simple websites.

We also have a great Sketch assistant ?? to aid & guide you with our different markup rules, making sure you stay on the right track.

When you’re ready with your masterpiece you just export everything with a single button click to HTML, React (via built-in Create React App) or iOS and Android (via our built-in Ionic Capacitor export)

We released the very first alpha in May 2018 and we haven’t looked back since, making it better and better each year.

About Stratos Tokens app

Stratos Tokens is our very straight forward approach on design tokens. Our companion app lets you setup, control and update any design token data straight from the very same place where you make your design decisions, your go-to design app of choice. 

We just released Stratos Tokens 2021 for both macOS and Windows, a complete rework of our pre-release versions. It comes with built in Style Dictionary support.

About our licensing model

Our licensing model follow these simple rules:

  • The app you buy is yours forever to keep, the license never expires (if not else stated)
  • All future updates are included making them a very straight-forward one-time fee purchase

No hassle with subscriptions or yearly license fees. We believe in building great affordable apps for designers and developers.

About refunds

We all make mistakes. Sometimes you make a purchase and then minutes later you instantly regret it. We understand this. That’s why we give you a 14-day money-back guarantee with one very simple condition:

  • If you have installed our licensed software and activated it with your license key, you will not be refunded

This may seem harsh but refunds take energy & time from us, time that we could instead have put into making our products even better.

About support

We have always been very generous with supporting our products. Best way to get help is to drop a question on our Slack, everyone is invited to join. We figure, if you have a problem it probably is something that someone else would also benefit from getting solved.

Don’t forget to also check out our extensive documentation portal

For all things related to our marketplace you can just drop us a line at the bottom of this page.

About this marketplace

Due to overly complicated tax rules in certain countries we are not available everywhere in the world. We are looking into selling our apps in say Apples App Store in the future, so stay tuned.

Our dream and main goal with this marketplace is to have one place you as a designer or developer can find useful things that make your maker lives easier.

Also we hope you really have some fun, because it’s true, if you find your work to be really rewarding you will excel at it.

In a future not far away we will invite others to contribute with premium templates for all our apps, because we now one thing for sure since starting this in 2018:

“Software is nothing without it’s community”

About Team Sketch2React

We are Fredrik Ward and Juan Maguid, a senior developer and a senior designer. We started working together a couple of years ago assigned to the same client by our employer, a big Scandinavian consulting company. 

While working together we asked ourselves this very simple, yet difficult question: 

“Why do we work this far away from each other?” 

Back then Juan was working all days inside of Sketch, an excellent application yes, but with limitations as far as code output is concerned. When he had finished he then sent out his designs via Zeplin where Fredrik picked it up and recreated everything inside React.

It bugged the heck out of us as a team, there must be something we can do about it?! There was actually. ??

So we created Sketch2React. And found out we really liked working together. So we kept on making design to code apps and here we are today.

Got feedback for us?

Having problems? Either you join our public Slack and ask us directly or just scribble together a few lines of thoughtful feedback, requests or ideas below. We usually answer these within 1-3 normal working days.