Stratos Tokens 2021 + License

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Who loves design tokens? We do! So we built an easy to use companion app for Sketch & Figma that has built-in Style Dictionary support. You can even use it together with Theo if you want.

Now available for both macOS and Windows. PS you can even use it together with Icons8 Lunacy.


What is Stratos Tokens for Sketch & Figma?

Basically you use built-in tools in Sketch & Figma like rectangles, lines and text nodes to output real design token data. How you set this up is totally up to you, go freestyle or use Style Dictionary’s naming conventions.

New in Stratos Tokens 2021

  • Figma support
  • Support for a more visual way of outputting design tokens for breakpoints, spacing, padding etc – use the width of the line tool
  • Support for multiple shadows – just add shadows to rectangles
  • No more need for a page named Start here and an artboard named Start
  • We supercharged our NPM and Style Dictionary export
  • Dark mode support
  • Windows version
  • Possibility to register a bug from within the app
  • Extended help menu containing links to documentation, tutorials and more
  • Use our brand new Sketch assistant

Demo version available

Don’t know if our design token app fits your current workflow? Try out our free demo.

Breaking changes

  • Use { } for all your design tokens (artboards + layer + group names) – mix them with regular design elements
  • Read more about this in our docs

Built-in Style Dictionary support

Style Dictionary is a build system that allows you to define styles once, in a way for any platform or language to consume. A single place to create and edit your styles, and a single command exports these rules to all the places you need them – iOS, Android, CSS, JS, HTML, sketch files, style documentation, or anything you can think of.

So of course we thought, this is awesome – let’s build in support for it! Important note: For Style Dictionary to do its magic you will need to follow their naming and structure conventions.

Hello Windows & Lunacy 7

We all know that many developers work on Windows machines. That’s why we also now include Stratos Tokens for Windows. Every Stratos Tokens license comes with two activations so you can:

  • Install one for yourself on your Mac computer
  • Co-op with your Windows developers by sharing your second installation – just send them our Windows app

At any time you can deactivate and reactivate your installation on any computer (Mac or Windows) so don’t worry about trying out different workflows for your team.

Since Icons8 Lunacy 7 for Windows both reads and writes in the Sketch file format, guess what? Yes it works with our app.


Release trailer

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Additional information


Stratos Tokens app for macOS + Windows, 2 license activations, Our eternal gratitude

System requirements

macOS Catalina or Big Sur, Windows 10, Sketch 70+, Figma or Lunacy 7+, Node.js + npm

Nice to have

Code editor