Sketch2React 2021 Beta Demo


Explore the future of Sketch2React. Wait where have I read this before? 🤣


What’s new

Here are the most important new additions to the Sketch2React 2021 Beta:

  • New Autogenerated CSS Styleguide
  • New Artboard Explorer
  • New Automagical HTML links between artboards
  • New Documents side panel with latest documents

For the first time ever we now offer a free demo of Sketch2React 2021. Compare the versions here.

Big disclaimer, since no one reads release notes anyway

To pull off all the new, shiny things we have in this beta, we have rewritten a bunch of essential code. Not everything that works in the stable version of Sketch2React works in the beta. We will get there eventually, meanwhile have fun with this, don’t take it too seriously, and if you find something that reaaaaally makes you mad, just use our built-in Report an issue bug tracker. We would really appreciate it, and isn’t that the whole idea with betas anyway?

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Additional information


Sketch2React Beta v2021.3.6

System requirements

macOS Catalina or Big Sur, Sketch 70+, Node.js + npm

Nice to have

Code editor, patience

Important info

This is the beta of the next, upcoming unfinished huge update of Sketch2React 2021. Please read our article for more details.